Almaktb Design Studio offers you plenty of online solutions to meet with your professional needs. We are offering the following Services :


a logo is a great tool to identify your business visually. Our team of experts and our process help us provide you with logo designs that truly reflect the message you want your clients to receive. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and hassle-free experience.


The colors, fonts and all imagery used by your brand must follow clear visual rules in order to convey your brand message consistently. We make sure that happens when we develop your visual identity guideline and when we apply it.


We help you determine whether you need a 1 page personal website or a fully functional e-commerce website, then we deliver a website that is easy for you to manage, easy to navigate by its visitors and respects your visual identity guidelines.

Info-Graphic Videos

 We use infographics to help you present complex information in an appealing, easy to understand way and we use the power of animation to present your idea, product or service in an entertaining, effective and persuasive video.




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